Agency Background

JTH Lighting Alliance was founded in January of 1988, by John T. Hartley, whom from day one was guided by one basic principle, to ethically represent the industry's category leaders of lighting and control products provided by our alliance of manufacturers. In April of 2017, John sold the agency to Rob Beaman and Jon Kirkhoff. They remain committed to uphold John's principals as they continue to build the agency. In January of 2021, Rob and Jon continued our growth by adding Wisconsin and portions of Michigan to our areas of representation. 

Core Values

JTH Lighting Alliance will promote a collaborative COMMUNITY.

JTH Lighting Alliance will continually strive to use KNOWLEDGE to provide innovative solutions.

JTH Lighting Alliance will maintain a REPUTATION of trust in partnerships.

JTH Lighting Alliance will engage in conduct with INTEGRITY above all else.

Our Alliance

JTH Lighting Alliance is a manufacturer's representative that has been earning the trust of clients and industry partners alike since 1988.  Our commitment to form an alliance between manufacturers, designers, suppliers, and contractors while offering the best products from a wide range of leading manufacturers makes us unique within the industry.
With many years of experience among our seasoned sales and specification professionals, we offer a wealth of expertise to apply to the most demanding applications. We are committed to providing in-depth knowledge of new products, trends, and emerging technologies to all participants of our alliance.