JTH Visits Focal Point

IA - Focal Point Visit

The JTH Iowa team recently succumbed to cabin fever with a trip to Chicago to check out the new cars at the Chicago Auto Show and the new fixtures at Focal Point Lighting.  Rob Beaman, JTH Principal, also took the opportunity to present the Focal Point team with the JTH Lighting Most Innovative Manufacturer, award recognizing their outstanding new product development over the last 18 months.  

“The team at Focal Point is really on top of their game right now.  They have given us a number of groundbreaking new designs in the last year and based on what we saw today, I’m excited about what’s right around the corner”, stated Mr. Beaman. 

The opportunity to preview new designs while learning how existing product is produced can offer valuable insight to design and construction teams alike.  Reach out to JTH to schedule your visit today!