JTH Lighting Visits Light+Build

IA, MN - Light+Build

Agency Principals Jon Kirkhoff and Rob Beaman recently accompanied designers from several key firms to visit our European partners at the Light+Build trade show in Frankfurt. 

"The ability to not only preview upcoming designs from our partners but to also understand the design trends that will be impacting all of our partners over the next years has repeatedly proven to be invaluable," stated Rob Beaman.  

Louis Poulsen

In addition to visiting with over a dozen partners at the show in Frankfurt, the JTH team took the opportunity for a side trip to Copenhagen and Vejen Denmark to visit the showroom and production facility of longtime partner Louis Poulsen.  While in Copenhagen, the group was also able to spend an afternoon exploring the Danish Design museum. 

"Visits such as this not only allow us to be immersed in the culture of a truly remarkable company like Louis Poulsen but to gain a greater understanding of the design vernacular from which they have been born," added Mr Beaman. 

For more than 100 years, Louis Poulsen has been an integral part of the Scandinavian Design movement.  From their partnerships with iconic designers such as Poul Henningsen and Arne Jacobsen to today's associations with the likes of Christian Flindt and Alfred Homann, Louis Poulsen has helped shape a generations-long design movement.

"Although the week was somewhat exhausting from a travel standpoint, the new connections that were formed and the existing connections that were renewed made it a truly rewarding experience," concluded Jon Kirkhoff. 

Thanks to all of our participating partners for their assistance in making the week a productive one for all of us!