Crestron Dual-loop Photosensor

The GLA-LDL-PC-0-10 is a dual-loop photosensor that continually measures ambient light in order to achieve the optimal balance of natural and artificial lighting in an indoor space in daylight harvesting applications. By harnessing natural daylight from windows and skylights, electrical lighting can be dimmed, reducing energy usage while maintaining a consistent light level for a more efficient and comfortable work or living space.


Crestron Dual-loop Photosensor
  • Ceiling-mount photosensor
  • Used in both open-loop and closed-loop applications
  • Measures the ambient light level from all light sources
  • 60° cone of coverage for open-loop and closed loop applications
  • Closed-loop light sensitivity from 3-300 fc
  • Three open-loop light sensitivity ranges, from 3-300 fc, 30-3000 fc, and 60-6000 fc
  • 0 to 10 VDC analog control output • Versatile flush or surface mounting

The new GLA-LDL-PC-0-10 replaces both the GLS-LCL and GLS-LOL.

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