Cyberlight LED

ETC is pleased to introduce Cyberlight LED, a moving mirror fixture born from industry feedback and built in Austin, Texas. Cyberlight LED surpasses moving head luminaires in a variety of uses including high-speed pan/tilt movement and the ability to hide lighting fixtures in permanent installations.

Customers with existing mirror fixtures in the themed entertainment market and elsewhere can retrofit those products with Cyberlight LED for more energy-efficient operation and service. The 470 W Bright White LED engine and the high-quality optical system delivers 12,750 field lumens with 90+ CRI for superior color rendering capabilities. A full complement of features are included on Cyberlight LED for creative design possibilities, including color mixing plus color wheel, dual rotating pattern wheels, zoom, focus, iris, prism, and diffusion.


Cyberlight LED

A few of this products features includes:

  • Bright white 470 W engine produces 12,750 field lumens at 90+ CRI for creating the best skin tones and lighting for your themed environment set
  • Break resistant mirror produces fast pan and tilt movement eclipsing the speed of movement available in moving yoke fixtures. Whisper Home positional encoding technology ensures the mirror instantly finds home position at startup or re-homing, making it ideal for installation in space-restricting locations
  • High quality 8-lens optical system with long focal depth benefits gobo morphing looks. Three moving lens groups provide sharp focus at any projection distance
  • Versatile 10°–28.5° zoom delivers precision sizing of patterns, aerials, and beams with dual moving zoom lenses
  • CMY/CTO – Linear color mixing system is specifically tuned to produce the gamut of cyan, yellow, and magenta mixed colors, from subtle pastels to saturated deeper hues. The CTO filter lowers Cyberlight LED’s color temperature for lighting skin tones and other critical themed environment elements

Plus many more!

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