Focal Point

Focal Point Eave

With its simple form factor accentuated by real wood end caps and canopies, Eave shines thanks to its decorative aspect and performance characteristics.

The regressed acrylic lens and larger aperture ensure visual comfort, even at high lumen outputs, meeting the luminance threshold of WELL Feature L04. The direct only or independently controlled indirect/direct light distributions provide the flexibility to meet the aesthetic and lighting requirements of applications where a standalone pendant is required such as reception, teamwork or hospitality areas, conference rooms, or educational environments. 


Focal Point Eave


  • Nominal 11" height 
  • 3' (direct only), 4', 5' or 6' lengths 
  • Eco-friendly PET felt material available in a broad color palette 
  • White Oak, Amber Oak, Espresso Oak real wood end caps and canopies or White, Black or Titanium Silver painted canopies 
  • Aircraft cable suspension with 5’ shallow canopy
  • Lambertian or wide batwing indirect distribution, Lambertian direct distribution 
    • 0-800lm/ft indirect 
    • 200-700lm/ft direct 

Discover the impressive optical and acoustic properties of Eave, an ideal companion to the Seem 1 Acoustic and Seem 1 Acoustic Trio families of products. 

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