Luminii Purifii

Design Healthy & Beautiful Spaces

The PURIFII GUV product platform is engineered with industry-proven UV-C technology to eliminate or reduce most viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, bacteria, and other microorganisms on surfaces and in the air.12 Safe, effective, and discreet, the PURIFII series of GUV architectural-grade lighting products and systems enables lighting designers and architects to create healthy spaces for their clients with ease.


Luminii Purifii


PURIFII AER W SYSTEMS are installed to create a contactless, uniform, germicidal zone in the upper portion of the room. HVAC systems, fans and/or natural convection move air between the lower and upper portions of the room, allowing for continuous disinfection of the air. The PURIFII AER W SYSTEM features a streamlined aesthetic allowing for unobtrusive use in nearly any interior space.

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