Pinnacle Lucen

Whether you’re an eco-conscious designer or a budget-focused contractor, you’ll find a lighting solution among Pinnacle’s family of architectural recessed luminaires.

LUCEN offers the perfect combination of features and functionality. Featuring an upgradable “future proof” system, LUCEN is designed to evolve with technology. This fully luminous fixture was designed with minimal high angle glare. The single-piece extruded lens has a convex curve that is easy to wipe down in any application.


Pinnacle Lucen

Offered in 1x1, 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4 form factors, LUCEN can be modified with aesthetic lens treatments or practical structural additions to meet your design needs. 

Many of the LUCEN configurations are available on Pinnacle's QuickShip Program. Qualifying orders ship within 10 days of the receiept of a purchase order. 

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