Pinnacle Asymmetric Lighting Solutions

Pinnacle Architectural Lighting has developed a trio of asymmetric lighting solutions - Wall Wash, Wall Grazer, and Outline. These products give you illuminated versatility whether you want to fill a corridor with light, highlight a textured feature wall, or draw focus to a beautiful piece of artwork. 

  • Wall Wash – Illuminate a piece of artwork or signage on a vertical plane. 
  • Wall Grazer – Designed to highlight textures both subtle and bold.
  • Outline – A dedicated perimeter lighting solution to wrap a room or a corridor in light.

All three asymmetric options from Pinnacle are available as individual fixtures or long runs. The Wall Grazer and the Outline are available with corners to continue your design with uninterrupted lines of light. As part of the EDGE family, these asymmetric fixtures are the perfect compliment to our standard lines of light in any space. 

In today’s world, speed and precision are more important than ever. Both the Wall Wash and Outline qualify for the QuickShip Program and are shipped out 10-days from the receipt of a Purchase Order. Multiple options within the QuickShip program allow for endless possibilities when it comes to illuminating your design – fast. Look for the “QS” logo on Pinnacle Spec Sheets for qualifying options.

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