Solais Lucie
Solais Lucie


  • All models include a custom integrated driver that meets IEEE 1789-2015 Low Risk flicker category across dimming range. This is important for surveillance systems; it does not have a strobe affect when recorded.
  • The LCS (small) is the first to be stocked by the end of August. The LCN (Nano) is next followed by the LCM (Medium) in Q4.
  • The basic colors are White, Black, and Silver, but we can obtain a wide range of custom finishes that really enhance the overall look of the fixture - more is coming!
  • We offer a wide range of beam spreads, ranging from a 9 degree spot to a 58 Degree WFL.
  • Colors temps range from 2200k-5000k, with Dim to Warm and Monowhite options available.
  • 80 CRI standard, 90+ and 97+ High CRI options available.
  • Direct canopy mount and track adaptability.
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